Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kansas Tech Consultants Blog

Kansas Tech Consultants Blog

Has anyone using a Macintosh, gotten the OPAL java applet to work as a plugin? I have no problem working with OPAL, but everytime I use it, it downloads the little applet again. I found the other day that I had ten copys of the little launch app in my download folder. As I understand it, this does work as a plugin on the Windows side. Any ideas?


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Automation Projects

I just received an e-mail from our Sagebrush rep. She asked about what SW was writing for the grant for un-automated libraries and could she come visit to tell us about InfoCentre. She said that she is doing presentations for other regions.
I just wondered who is having Sagebrush come for a presentation and are any of the other Systems looking at automation systems other than Auto-Graphics' Verso. We have been looking at Atrium by Book Systems. I have not decided whether to invite them in.
Is anyone looking at the ASP model? Are you concerned about using ASP?
Feel free to comment to this post or reply directly to me.


Friday, January 20, 2006

Jan 9 Meeting Notes

I took a few notes at our tech meeting on the 9th – thought I would put them up there to help us remember what we covered and planned.

Met via Marratech

Steve, Charlene, Brenda, Sharon, Joe, Richard

- Charlene has ordered $80 Logitech Fusion webcams for her public libraries. They come with a headset. Total cost to SWKLS approx. $2000. Plan to use for committee meetings, patrons, and training. Joe is doing this, too. He is planning hands-on workshops with their mobile lab. Attendees leave with their camera.
- Charlene reports that some of her libraries are using Messenger to talk to one another.

- Some NEKLS libraries had trouble “thawing” DeepFreeze as of the new year. Others warn, “Don’t install SP2 with older versions of DeepFreeze.”

- Charlene likes LibraryMetricks. The company has customized it to work with Athena. Sharon has a couple of libraries using Library Geek Timer.

- Computers in Libraries conference in DC in March. Sharon may go. Richard may go.

- Charlene is looking at the conference in Ohio (see previous blog post).

- SWKLS is interviewing applicants for a tech person position. The emphasis for this person will be on the provision of training. This will include onsite classes and training in libraries. They have 4-laptops, a projector, and an instructor laptop for training. This person will also work on developing curriculum for training in libraries.

- Charlene did a workshop on blogs and RSS. Most people were interested in using these tools, rather than creating.

- KanEd subsidies – whassup?

- Next meeting: 10 AM on Monday, February 6th