Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Windows Steady State

Has anyone tried Windows Steady State? I installed it on one machine and it works, maybe too well. On that computer, patrons can log into their e-mail accounts, Yahoo, Hot Mail, Etc., but when they try to open a message it will not follow the link and open it. I noticed the same thing on several links on other pages, Link to main page opens fine, but secondary links on the new page don't function. Removing all function restrictions and then adding back in only the most basic seems to cure the problem. This has been such a hassle that I think I will go back to the shared computer tool.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dual Boot on Gates

I have a librarian who would like to do dual booting on her Gates computer that she uses for teaching classes. Would it be possible to install a second 80gb drive and dual boot into Vista, or would it be easier to install one 160gb drive and just partition it? Any advice appreciated. Has anyone done something similar?


Steven Thomas
CKLS Automation Services