Wednesday, June 29, 2005

NEKLS Test Wiki

Come play! Please!


Friday, June 24, 2005

Hi, I was playing with yesterday, and set up this quick page:

Haven't figured out yet how to invite others to contribute; has anyone else played around with the service?


Thursday, June 23, 2005

WebJunction resources/articles for small/rural libraries

Just a quicky one, found this on WebJunction, looked pretty interesting, but of course with our schedules didn't have time to really dig dig into it. I hereby submit to the hive mind of KLST (Kansas Library System Techs, like my acronym usage?) the WebJunction resources for small/rural libraries archive.

Resources for Small/Rural libraries


Hello Twiggle.

I am GUESSING that Twiggle is the secret name for Liz Rea. I will try to remember that.

I think I will make my secret name "Joe".

Anyway... I am having a hard time finding time to work on this project because of the day to day grind of regular old duties- which is one of the primary reasons to find time to work on this project...

Tomorrow will be better. I am running backwards trying to get caught up from some time off earlier this week.

We are trying to automate and digitize as many tasks as we can here at SEKLS. I think we will be adding another webserver pretty soon. I have been meaning to add some more storage for one of our existing servers. Maybe I will get to that today.

I also bought a little cheapy webcam for my laptop, and got this great sounding headset for like seven bucks: CDWG item number= 262485

One of these days I will fire up our polycomm and see if it works with the All New KanEd Video Conference Software du Jur. I hope it does. If not, I am going to want some answers from whoever makes those sorts of decisions over there. Squinting my eyes! Lowering my voice!


PS We had our ICE-owned digital projector stolen and I am replacing it with a similar model- Epson PowerLite 732c, $1,559- but not the one with builtin 802.11b interface. That one is a couple hundred bucks more and it would sure be nice but it is just not in the cards for this insurance claim.

KanEd Video Conference software du jour

Indeed, the polycom does not YET work with the Marratech software. The development of the h.323 plugin dealie is on the "roadmap" and probably in development but has not yet hit even beta stage. I'm sure we'll get a glowing announcement from KanEd when that bit comes to be.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Welcome, hello

This is a site dedicated to helping librarians find the resources they need to manage and use their technology effectively. These links are compiled by the Kansas Regional Library System Tech Consultants.

Have a great day!