Thursday, June 23, 2005


Hello Twiggle.

I am GUESSING that Twiggle is the secret name for Liz Rea. I will try to remember that.

I think I will make my secret name "Joe".

Anyway... I am having a hard time finding time to work on this project because of the day to day grind of regular old duties- which is one of the primary reasons to find time to work on this project...

Tomorrow will be better. I am running backwards trying to get caught up from some time off earlier this week.

We are trying to automate and digitize as many tasks as we can here at SEKLS. I think we will be adding another webserver pretty soon. I have been meaning to add some more storage for one of our existing servers. Maybe I will get to that today.

I also bought a little cheapy webcam for my laptop, and got this great sounding headset for like seven bucks: CDWG item number= 262485

One of these days I will fire up our polycomm and see if it works with the All New KanEd Video Conference Software du Jur. I hope it does. If not, I am going to want some answers from whoever makes those sorts of decisions over there. Squinting my eyes! Lowering my voice!


PS We had our ICE-owned digital projector stolen and I am replacing it with a similar model- Epson PowerLite 732c, $1,559- but not the one with builtin 802.11b interface. That one is a couple hundred bucks more and it would sure be nice but it is just not in the cards for this insurance claim.


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