Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oct 18, 05 Meeting via OPAL

Charlene (SWKLS), Joe (SEKLS), Brenda (NEKLS), Richard (NCKLS), Rhonda (State Library)

KS Tech Conference
Charlene and Brenda had a meeting to brainstorm session topics and partners. Charlene is going to talk to Kan-Ed. Brenda is going to talk to Roseanne with KLA and Eric at the state library (and also someone at the Gates Foundation).

KanEd Grants
Is anyone applying? Charlene is going to apply for a grant for web cameras and headsets for each of her libraries (at least 1 per library). The initial goal is to get librarians comfortable using this as a continuing education format. In the future, there may also be patron usage. Are other systems interested in doing this, too? The deadline for these grant aps is Nov 18th, but they would like notices of intent to apply ASAP.

Marratech, Click-to-Meet, and OPAL
It's important for us (the tech consultants) to be familiar with these mediums. We have now used OPAL for two meetings. Let's try Click-to-Meet next time and then maybe Marratech at a future meeting. Several people are attending the Marratech training at ESSDACK in Hutchinson on December 5th.

New Stuff?
Joe has been working on setting up a Z39.50 server. An important component of our tech consultant meetings could be sharing "what's new" in our systems.

10:00 AM

Thursday, October 13, 2005

IM -- Fast talk between techies

I'd just love to have some of you on my IM list...

My info is lrea@nekls.org on MSN, or twigdoug@yahoo.com on Yahoo Messenger

please message me. I like it. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kansas Tech Consultants Blog

I have two servers at the same library with the exact same symptoms. When I try to do Windows Updates, IE stops responding. Symantec Corporate Edition has realtime protection disabled even though it is enabled in the settings. If I try to do a manual scan, it aborts before the window even opens, with the message aborted by user. When ever I try to go to an anti-virus website, IE stops responding. I downloaded the latest version of Stinger on another computer, copied it to the servers and ran it, it found nothing. Ad-aware and spybot have not found anything.

Booting into safe mode w/ network support, I was able to get the Panda online scanner to run, but it did not find anything. I was also able to do a Windows update, but it did not solve any problems. The hosts file only has one entry for local host -, I believe that is correct. The Symantec manual scan works in safe mode, but finds nothing. I tried to install baseline security analyzer in safe mode, but it will not run with out MS Installer, and in normal mode, it freezes when you try to open it.

Hijack this, doesn't find anything alarming. Is there something I am overlooking? Everything is working so far, but I just don't trust the system. I have a feeling that it may have been zombiefied, but I can't get any information out of it. Also, HKLM, and HKCU show only NAV products loading at startup.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Winnebago InfoCenter

Do any of you out there have libraries using Winnebago's InfoCenter? I have a librarian who would like to speak with another director who is running it as she is thinking of upgrading.

Any thoughts about it? Any contacts she could make?


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Solution for user requiring a password to print

Richard, if you go to Local Security Policy under Administrative Tools, then select Local Policies, Security Options, then Accounts:limit local account use of blank passwords to consol login only, and change that to disable. You can then share a resource to user ALL without a password. Your situation and network security will determine if you want to go this route.

Gates Foundation Issues (hardware, replacements, PACtool, etc)

Hello Folks,

I thought this might be a good catchall post for all the stuff we were talking about.


Meeting Notes Oct 5, 2005

Charlene (SWKLS); Sharon and Larry (SCKLS); Joe (SEKLS); Brenda and Liz (NEKLS); Richard (NCKLS); Steve (CKLS); Rhonda (State Library)

Introduction to OPAL
Voice-over-IP, text chat, and synchronized browsing
Contact Cindi Hickey to arrange use.
More tips at: http://www.opal-online.org/ivocalizetraining.htm

Marratech training session
to be held Dec 5, 10 AM - 4 PM, at ESSDACK in Hutchinson

Kansas Tech Conference
Possibly piggy-back on the KanEd conference?
Charlene and Brenda will work together to determine some options and possibilities and then will report back to the group.

Joe will continue to work on this -- focusing on the skills and subjects that are needed at every library.
The standards at: http://skyways.lib.ks.us/KSL/development/standard2000.html#4

Backup software
- thanks for the advice shared via emails to Richard
- "I don't trust tape backups."
- "I don't trust backups period. That's why we do daily tape, REV drive, USB hard drive and mirrored solutions.. Perhaps I like to overdo it."
- I missed a lot of the specifics here. Please post any specifics and suggestions in the comments (bh)

Gates Computers
- servers; some are seeing batteries failing - Steve will post info on charging the UPS rather than replacing (CDWG)
- printers; some are seeing them eat JetDirect cards; non-HP cartridges are trouble
- the PCs; if the CD vanishes, reseating the cards and cables seems to do the trick; when a Gates computer can't see the CD drive, pull it out and move the jumper to master
- the PACT tool; will it be updated? Brenda will see what she can find out

Next Meeting
October 18th, 9 AM

Tech Consultant's Meeting via OPAL

- Brief introduction to using OPAL (Brenda)
- Marratech Training on Dec. 5th in Hutchinson
- Planning a KS technology conference (Charlene)
- Competencies (Joe?)
- Backup software?
- Other questions, comments, happenings...

OPAL Tips:
Only one person can talk at a time. Press and hold the control key when you want to talk.
Participants have the ability to text chat at any time (with the entire group or with a selected participant).