Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Automation Projects

I just received an e-mail from our Sagebrush rep. She asked about what SW was writing for the grant for un-automated libraries and could she come visit to tell us about InfoCentre. She said that she is doing presentations for other regions.
I just wondered who is having Sagebrush come for a presentation and are any of the other Systems looking at automation systems other than Auto-Graphics' Verso. We have been looking at Atrium by Book Systems. I have not decided whether to invite them in.
Is anyone looking at the ASP model? Are you concerned about using ASP?
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At 12:47 PM, Blogger Joe Tho said...

We have just in the last week had a *most* gracious offer from Pittsburg State University to share their Horizon/Dynix installation.

Libraries would join PSU, Pittsburg Public, Pittsburg public schools, and Fort Scott Community College.

Cost to each new library would be... brace yourselves... $500 for each workstation (not including OPACs- they are free) for the first year, then subsequent years would be 15% of whatever that original amount was. Conversion costs are still a little up in the air, and extra costs such as a Baker and Taylor contract for cover thumbnails and reviews, slip printers, etc would have to be accounted for.

Currently this has been an informal consortium at PSU, but we would probably establish some sort of guiding authority or agreement. And if we have 2 or 3 or 4 libs join, great, but if there are 30 or forty there will have to be some hardware and bandwidth and probably even staffing considerations.

I am very excited about this.

In fact, I sent about 90 records to Susan at PSU from the SEKLS sagebrush installation, and she came up with the following:


use title keyword, and put in the term "IOLSEK".

This will find those records, and you can noodle around and see how it works. They are fake, of course, and the location (IRC) is fake, and the collection (Eureka) is also fake, but you get the idea.

Here are some other links:
(I typed in all the href stuff, but if these aren't clickable, be careful to cut-n-paste the whole dang thang)

Pitsburg PL:

Pitsburg High School:

Fort Scott CC:

This would require some changes around here. For one thing, what would our cataloging dept at SEKLS do?? What would their role be? And about barcoding- to really take advantage of this system, existing libraries should re-barcode, and new libraries should use long barcodes with a location code that we all agree on, all through the state, or even multi-state. The last time I looked, the only thing I found was in I think Michigan (thanks, Jeff,) and it was like thirteen years old and hadnm't been updated.

Plus I am looking for a new car that gets better gas mileage.


ps check out THIS catalog:
Some guy at the college just made it up. Cool, huh? At least the price was right, unless of course you consider his salary, etc etc


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