Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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A question for you all. Who are you using for your ISP and how happy are you? Also, what type and speed of connection do you use? If you would rather not post, e-mail me at sthomas@ckls.org. We currently have a wireless connection that is supposed to be a T-1, but always seems slow. Also we can not get our provider to support forms on our web pages, or any type of blog, etc. Any suggestions / warnings appreciated.


Steven Thomas
CKLS Automation Services


At 7:02 PM, Blogger Joe Tho said...

Hope you can read this. It used to be a table but after I pasted it here it became a big mess. Wrong kind of paste, I guess. We chose the cox 1500/year, but haven't actually done it yet. That includes %5/mo for a second static ip number. And we finally have official blessing from cox to provide free wireless to patrons, as long as they follow the same aup we do (no spam) which I will assure by turning off smtp protocol. -Joe

Vendor Name Speed Cost /month Cost /annual

KanRen 768kb up/down 657.08 7,885

KanRen 384kb up/down 550.00 6,600

Cox Business 768kb up
4mb down 129.95 1,559.40

Cox Business 512kb up
3mb down 104.95 1,259.40**

Cox Business 384kb up
1.5mb down 64.95 779.40

Birch Telecom/SBC 384kb up
1.5mb down 49.99 599.88


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