Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Meeting Notes, Nov 1, 2005

Met via Click-to-Meet
Attendees: Richard, Larry, Sharon, Charlene, Liz, and Brenda

Explored the features in Click-to-Meet, including a Whiteboard drawing exercise. Charlene may have some Click-to-Meet instructions.

Charlene gave an update on the Library Metrics mgmt software (time and print mgmt). At one library, they are using KanGuard filtering and the Library Metrics software worked A-OK. At a second library, they were using WebBlocker(??) and it wouldn't work. Charlene contacted the company and they are fixing it. The company has been very responsive to needs and questions. The libraries have been thrilled with not having to constantly monitor the machines.

Kan-Ed Grants
Charlene is still thinking about applying for webcams, etc for each library.
Larry is finishing reports on the previous Kan-Ed grants.
OEIE surveys were discussed....

Charlene has a library that was audited. This is a very small library that did not receive ERATE funding. They did, however, receive Kan-Ed funding and Kan-Ed is being audited. Charlene has a copy of the audit areas.

QUESTION: Can two polycoms talk to one another without needing the Kan-Ren room?

Next meeting: December 6th via Marratech. Charlene will arrange the room.

Agenda for next meeting:
Using Marratech
Tech Standards ?? (what do you think, Joe?)


At 11:06 AM, Blogger twiggle said...

Yes, polycoms can dial each other direct. One polycom enters the IP of the other polycom and hits connect. Simple. If you ever want to try it, let me know and I'll turn ours on.

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Rhonda said...

Are there different types of polycoms? As far as I know, ours just plugs into a standard telephone line. Would be happy to use it for a test if needed.

At 3:14 PM, Blogger rjmill said...

About the polycomms// Rhonda, if KSL's polycomm is the or like the one Eric broght to manhattan a year or so ago, then it is a voice only unit and does use a telco line.

The polycomm that ICE has located here at MPL is a video unit and connects via internet only, at least i've never connected a phone line to it yet.

When just 2 polycomms connect directly, I assume both need real world (routable) IP numbers? is that right Liz?

I have some questions about how a polycomm can be setup to join a MCU session... I know it has to "call" a realworld IP. I have been using ICE's polycomm unit here at MPL with a realworld IP number assigned to it ( My question is can it "call" a MCU session and have a local ip number something like I may call you Liz and discuss further


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