Friday, January 20, 2006

Jan 9 Meeting Notes

I took a few notes at our tech meeting on the 9th – thought I would put them up there to help us remember what we covered and planned.

Met via Marratech

Steve, Charlene, Brenda, Sharon, Joe, Richard

- Charlene has ordered $80 Logitech Fusion webcams for her public libraries. They come with a headset. Total cost to SWKLS approx. $2000. Plan to use for committee meetings, patrons, and training. Joe is doing this, too. He is planning hands-on workshops with their mobile lab. Attendees leave with their camera.
- Charlene reports that some of her libraries are using Messenger to talk to one another.

- Some NEKLS libraries had trouble “thawing” DeepFreeze as of the new year. Others warn, “Don’t install SP2 with older versions of DeepFreeze.”

- Charlene likes LibraryMetricks. The company has customized it to work with Athena. Sharon has a couple of libraries using Library Geek Timer.

- Computers in Libraries conference in DC in March. Sharon may go. Richard may go.

- Charlene is looking at the conference in Ohio (see previous blog post).

- SWKLS is interviewing applicants for a tech person position. The emphasis for this person will be on the provision of training. This will include onsite classes and training in libraries. They have 4-laptops, a projector, and an instructor laptop for training. This person will also work on developing curriculum for training in libraries.

- Charlene did a workshop on blogs and RSS. Most people were interested in using these tools, rather than creating.

- KanEd subsidies – whassup?

- Next meeting: 10 AM on Monday, February 6th


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