Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November 14th meeting notes

Rhonda, Charlene, Joe, Richard, Jeff, and Brenda were here.

Put together by Marshall Breeding - some entries need updating

Listservs - SWKLS listserv is set up to send replies to entire list. Works well overall, but sometimes a message gets sent to list that is clearly intended for individual. What do others do? NEKLS listservs set up to reply to individual by default. Charlene may use Survey Monkey to poll her librarians. She has had good luck with using surveys in Survey Monkey.

Recent College of DuPage teleconference re: Emerging Technologies/Web 2.0
SWKLS hosted. People interacted and it went well. They are going to do a 4 corners approach to future sessions.

ELMR - Enhanced Library Meeting Rooms
Various benchmarks: 1. Optimal Separate T1 for video.
2. Bandwidth - 1 1/2 mg for video (above other needs)
3. Connect to KanEd backbone integrated circuit
(Eldon has resigned and is going back to DISC, the State's ISP/Phone company)

Forms on websites
CGI scripts
Check out Fuzzy Monkey

Upgrading memory on a computer - Crucial is a great site.

SWKLS has 22 libraries migrating to Verso. 7 libraries automating for the very first time. Planning to do in 4 waves over the next 2 years. 1st wave of training in January. MARC Magician
NCKLS has 4 libraries automating for the first time using Verso. 1 or 2 converting from another system. They have training Manhattan on Monday and Tuesday.

Jane w/NWKLS and Joe w/SEKLS have done training. SWKLS (Janelle) and NCKLS (LaDonna) plan to do training soon, too. Hope to increase training materials available on http://tech.nekls.org and http://www.mykansaslibrary.org

Tech Plans
How to know if plan needs to be updated... Jeff suggests that each library get plan out, look at it, and ask yourself, "could I defend that the current funding year is covered by this plan?".

Next Meeting - Will send out a Doodle link :) w/four options
- Dec 11 AM
- Dec 11 PM
- Dec 12 AM
- Dec 12 PM


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