Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kansas Tech Consultants Blog

Kansas Tech Consultants Blog
Just a question for you all. Are any of the rest of you having problems getting flash player to install on some computers? Since the advent of Homework help. I have begun to notice a few computers that will not install the flash player. I run the install, as administrator, and it seems to work, I log in as a limited user and it says flash player not installed. I changed the account to administrator, installed flash under that account, and then cjanged the account back to limited. It says flash is not installed. What is even carzier, is that on an identical machine right next to it, it worked to just install under the administrator, then log on to the limited account. Boom, worked first time! Does anyone else out there have any ideas about this?

Steve Thomas


At 8:24 AM, Blogger twiggle said...

do you perhaps need some windows updates?

the other option is to turn your limited account into an admin account, install the flash player, then remove admin access again.

At 4:31 PM, Blogger Orcish said...

I had done the updates, it seems the problem was just the installation taking a long time, and at times looking like it had finished. I got called away from one computer for about twenty minutes, and after the install dialog had disappeared, and I had told it to go ahead and install the active x control, all the boxes on the screen cleared. When I came back, there was ANOTHER request to install the active x control, and after I oked that it got around to installing. When the boxes cleared and the download had finished, it looked like it was done.

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